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Here’s how to use them on your social media platforms:

Instagram stories (iPhone only):

  1. Start by preparing your Instagram story.
  2. When you’re happy with the background, open this webpage again
  3. Press-hold your selected GIF or sticker and press ‘Copy’. If you love it and want to use it again and again, press ‘Save Image’ – Now you can copy it from your camera roll!
  4. Return to Instagram. You can now add your GIF or sticker from the bottom-left corner

Twitter (iPhone and Android):

  1. Press-hold your selected GIF and press ‘Save Image’.
  2. Now open Twitter and press the photo icon to find and insert your GIF.
  3. Write a message and then send!

Stickers for Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram (iPhone and Android):

  1. Download the WhatSticker app to your phone.
  2. Use this link to download our exclusive Archigram Stickers.
  3. Now you can insert in any messaging app through the stickers function.

All GIFs and Stickers made by HKDHNet using images by ©Archigram.
For more about Archigram visit The Archigram Archival Project website.

Archi – GIFs

Images sources:
Centre for Experimental Practice (2010) The Archigram Archival Project, London: University of Westmister [accessed online]
Peter Cook (1999) Archigram, Princeton NJ: Princeton Architectural Press

Archigram Project references (in chronological order):
Archigram Magazine Issue No. 2 (1962)
Archigram Magazine Issue No. 3 (1963)
Living City (1963)
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Archigram Magazine Issue No. 4 (1964)
Archigram Magazine Issue No. 5 (1964)
Capsule Homes Project (1964)
Walking City (1964)
Archigram Magazine Issue No. 6 (1965)
Blow-Out Village (1966)
Air-Hab (1967)
House 1990 (1967)
Suitaloon (1967)
Info-Gonks (1968)
Instant City (1968)
Soft Scene Monitor: MK1 (1968)
Bathamatic (1969)
Electronic Tomato (1969)
Enviro-Pill (1969)
Manzak (1969)
Addhox (1970)
Monte Carlo Project (1970)
It’s A… (1970)