LDB Update: Future of the Past 沙盆推演

An update of the Future of the Past Hong Kong pavilion is now live on the London Design Biennale 2020 website. Tickets are now open for 8th – 27th September 2020, and can be purchased from the Somerset House box office.

Future of the Past 沙盆推演

Simultaneously presented in London and Hong Kong, Future of the Past will use the basis of storytelling to reconstruct the resonance experienced from the city. Captured in sand, visitors’ written strokes will be projected live in the mirroring sites, forming an archive of resonance on site and online.

Hong Kong is a nexus and a vessel for resonance between multiple cultures: if captured in words, it would be a co-authored, dynamic book of interactions, transcending time, and cultural differences. 

Visitors are invited to develop stories, dreams, and speculations on the histories and futures of Hong Kong as they encounter the urban legend of Ah Kwan Showing the Way, a fantasy concocted by early British colonialists. Combined with the materiality and notion of fortune-telling rituals, the audience will play a game of Chinese Whispers with this local legend as basis, each day regenerating the past and producing a ‘fortune’ for the future. 

Captured in sand, visitors’ written strokes will be projected live in the mirroring sites and recorded over the duration of the exhibition to collate an archive of resonance on- site and online. The pavilion, therefore, presents an alternative archive, documenting the multiple, interwoven, non-linear histories of Hong Kong, and encouraging collective speculation beyond the rhetorical narratives of the city’s future.

Spatial: aona (Charles Lai and Ricky Suen)

Digital: K2 (Teresa Dermawan and Amy Un)

Graphic: Trilingua (Adonian Chan and Chris Tsui Sau Yi)

Supporting Bodies:

‘Future of the Past 沙盆推演’ project is supported by Design Trust Feature Grant – An Initiative of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design
London Branch of the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office